It is a relentless, relentless competitiveness to do whatever you have to do to win. You have to develop this mentality. This is who you guys are. This will forever be who the Miami Heat is. There will always be motherf——— in this Miami Heat jersey.

leaders of successful teams have to enable their organization to move rapidly, which means empowering people at all levels to make decisions. Speed is a huge asset in confrontations in both business and war, particularly when there is a substantial size difference between two competitors

I learned that the No. 1 thing you need to do as an organization is develop talent, and allow that talent—be it in the office or on the court—to understand that there’s a purpose, and that what they do matters and counts, that there’s going to be meaningful advancement somewhere along the way — Pat Riley

Undoubtedly, both buildings will bring a degree of architectural excitement to Silicon Valley that it has never seen before. But the real question is whether, for all their ambition, they will do much to change the underlying suburban culture. They are both big, private, sealed-off corporate villas that most people will reach by car. At a time when the city, not the suburb, seems to hold the allure for younger workers in the technology industry, how much will Foster’s refined, iPhone-like architecture or Gehry’s lively, garden-topped workspace matter? Twitter’s renovated office space in an old San Francisco neighborhood may, in the end, be the real harbinger of the future.

Gehry and Zuck

Gehry and Zuck

Failing to make bold choices. That’s how you fail. You start to only focus on incrementalism instead of making bold choices.

Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO http://pando.com/2013/12/05/how-twitters-ceo-closes-deals/ (via wmougayar)

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All companies that grow really big do so in only one way: people recommend the product or service to other people.

What this means is that if you want to be a great company some day, you have to eventually build something so good that people will recommend it to their friends—in fact, so good that they want to be the first one to recommend it to their friends for the implied good taste. No growth hack, brilliant marketing idea, or sales team can save you long term if you don’t have a sufficiently good product.

Art is the question to a problem in the world. Design is the answer

Brian Chesky (CEO of Airbnb) on RISD principles